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Developing Innovative Projects for the Age of

Renewable Energy and Hydrogen


Energy from photovoltaics and wind power plants is cheaper than with fossil fuels.

The trend towards the substitution of large shares of fossil fuel energy with renewable energy for transportation, heating, appliances requires the supply of green electrical energy to massively transform our economy.


Avapa Energy builds on the extensive and world-wide expertise of its team in the design, management, financing of investor-grade renewable energy power plants.


​Hydrogen demand is projected to grow five-fold by 2050 driven primarily by industrial uses, land, air and sea mobility.

Avapa Energy's team is active since 2007 in the development of hydrogen technology and now develops and structures large-scale power plants for the production of green hydrogen from solar photovoltaics and off-shore wind energy.


Privately owned by a small group of investors, Avapa Energy has become in a few years, since its inception in 2019, a valuable partner for institutional investors in the structuring of utility-scale renewable energy projects, from solar photovoltaics to off-shore wind, from energy storage to green hydrogen production.

Avapa Energy’s mission is to foster the adoption of carbon-free technologies and increase the utilization of pure green energy, by building an international renewable energy company offering scientific, technical and financial expertise to its partners, transferring skills in different geographical markets across different technologies.

Avapa Energy brings together the optimal combination of product, technology, design and financing to provide best in class solutions for the roll out of pure energy projects.

Strong industry know-how and international management expertise


Proven track record in the energy and financial sectors, covering all aspects of the value chain from project origination to asset management. Avapa Energy performs precise in-house financial and engineering assessments for the election and optimization of projects.

Focus on risk management. Our long-term expertise allows us to fully understand the risk / rewards in making investment choices, to minimize and mitigate risk through solid risk analysis and structuring, and to adopt low-risk sourcing strategy.

Large network of partnerships. Avapa Energy’s team has access to a reputable and consolidated proprietary network across different renewable energy sectors and in different countries, in terms of sources of funds, local developers and technology solutions providers.

Leading technology provider. Continuous monitoring of the development of the latest renewable energy technologies, for power and transportation applications (PV bifacial, floating, wind, advanced biomethane, storage, hydrogen).

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