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Off-Shore Wind Energy

AvenHexicon's has a two-pronged strategic foundation: early-stage project developments and, Hexicon’s TwinWind™ technology development and licensing in Italy.


Hexicon has developed the TwinWind™ design for years to optimize its performance. TwinWind™ is a floating wind solution which maximizes energy production with minimal impact on the environment and wildlife and offers tremendous flexibility and optimization in wind farm design. The floating platforms are stable, efficient and cost-effective and provide exceptional freedom of location and possibilities for installation, servicing, and decommissioning of large scale wind turbines. At the same time, the floating wind platform creates new opportunities for a wide range of additional activities, including co-location of storage, solar, desalination, and green hydrogen technologies, among others.



Floating offshore wind has enormous potential to deliver renewable power, contributing to the fight against climate change, and since 80% of the world’s offshore wind resource potential lies in waters deeper than 60m, as we continue efforts to decarbonise, we must look for opportunities in these deeper waters. With the significant growth in the market and cost reductions expected in the next few years, this is an exciting and fast-growing sector. In December 2021 Avapa Energy formed AvenHexicon Srl, a joint venture company with Swedish company Hexicon AB, currently active in four continents with a gross project and prospect portfolio potential to supply over ten million households with clean energy from floating wind power.

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AvenHexicon develops sea areas suitable for the construction of offshore wind farms on the basis of a sound and proven approach that allocates the requirements of all stakeholders involved. Areas are selected on the basis of rigorous absence of interference with all existing and planned activities at sea, vessels flows, near sea air routes, sea life (mammals, birds, fish reproduction, nursery and passage).


On the selected areas, the offshore wind farm design is optimized with the TwinWind™ technology and with the objective of maximizing the involvement of the local industrial base, both in the supply chain and as users of the electricity produced at sea.

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